1. We Are LED Retrofit Lighting Specialists for our commercial customers.

This means we do an cost a cost analysis to show the cost of retrofitting with LED lighting and a savings calculation with software provided by the utility company.

We also calculate and work with the utility company(s) RG&E, National Grid, etc. to get our customers the appropriate rebate or incentive for the LED retrofit project.  Call Today to reduce your lighting costs by as much as 75%.   800-331-4250

Testimonial: ”I have never seen our electric bills so low since you installed the LED lighting, In spite of our electric costs rising this year, the payback is Fast! “ Mrs M., Owner of Ridge Donut Cafe Rochester, NY.

2. DON’T WAIT! Lower your utility bills today.save_money_icon

How do the CEB & PowerMiser Smart Electric Savers Work?

The CEB & PowerMiser residential & commercial electric savers are designed to maximize
the efficiency of the electrical system in a home at all times. When the electrical system is at maximum efficiency, the current is lowered therefore reducing consumption and saving money.

CEB & PowerMiser brand smart electric savers are the newest technology for residential applications that  reduce electric consumption. The CEB & PowerMiser brand electric savers are intelligent power factor correction devices by technical terms.This simply means that the CEB or PowerMiser electric saving device is taking a reading of the incoming current and adjust
automatically at all times in order to maximize the efficiency of the electrical system in order to reduce the current being used. When that is done, the consumption of electric is lowered therefore a savings in dollars is realized.

New CEB Electric Saver for US.

New CEB Electric Saver for US.
Control Your Energy Bill

Which unit is best for
your home or office?

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive technology that only saves you a little!

We have the newest state-of-the-art energy saving technologies in the US.
They are the CEB & PowerMiser intelligent electric savers for homes.

The CEB & PowerMiser intelligent, or smart, electric savers are designed to reduce your electric consumption up to 36%. How does it do that? The CEB & PowerMiser smart electric saver monitors the electric in the home and maximizes the efficiency of the electrical system
at all times. When this is done, current is reduced, therefore the electric bill is lowered which means you save money. The CEB & PowerMiser smart electric savers wire into the main electrical panel of a home providing one of the most efficient ways of saving energy.

We Are Also LED Retrofit Specialists

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