Smart Technology Used Only in Industrial Scales Down to Mainstream America

Save money, Fast Payback

Saves You up to 36% on elecitric

Smart Technology which was once used only in industrial buildings for energy savings and efficiency has been designed for mainstream America in homes and small commercial buildings.

Power Factor correction is not new technology.  It has been around for 90 years.  This technology is designed to keep the electric current lower to save money.  In the past it was used only in industrial applications because those applications used huge amounts of electric therefore it made sense to try and lower the costs.

In the past 2 decades there has been “smart technology” introduced into the Power Factor correction devices where it reads the electrical load of a building and manages it accordingly by automatically adjusting capacitors for optimal efficiency.  In other words, if a building needs less, the devices turns off, if more capacity is needed then the device turns on.  This allows for greater savings than just the static capacitors on all the time.

Now, we are proud to announce that we are the largest importers of the only high quality brand in the world for residential applications.  The brand which we distribute and supply is CEB by PMC ECO Supply, LLC.  The CEB engineers have created a great product which can save customers up to 36% on electric for homes and small businesses.

Now that the cost of electric is higher and the demand for saving money and energy is higher than ever before it makes sense why this “smart technology” has been developed for mainstream America.