Trend for 2013: Saving Energy & Money…Still

Trend for 2013:  Saving Energy & Money…Still

Power Miser MX220 Residential

Single phase residential Power MIser

We still are getting an upswing in demand in the Power Miser products as well as the Staco and CEB brand power factor correction devices which help cut the demand charges and the electric usage for our customers.

The trend seems to be continuing for saving energy & money.  We feel it will will be the primary demand for the new year into 2013.  Customer accross the US are still looking for ways to conserve.  We offer a way to conserve by saving electric energy with our Power Miser products as well as the CEB intelligent line and the Staco line.  Our products are cost effective and pay for themselves typically in 2 years or less.

We hope the trend for saving energy & money continues into 2014 as we love to help our customers reduce their costs in this market where the demand is high to reduce costs.

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