We have worked hard to build a base of satisfied customers. Here are some testimonials:

I should have installed mine sooner, it is a noticeable savings.  We do installs for PMC ECO Supply – John Van Bortle, owner Van  Bortle Electric  Rochester, NY


Your Power Miser has saved me so much money I can’t believe it.  I have a newer home so I did not think it would work, but I saw a savings immediately!. -Rob, AGL Homes

I recently had a Power Miser installed into my newer home because we use our furnace and a/c all the time and during the summer run the pool pump 24/7. I also am a computer and home theater fanatic, so I wanted to cut down on the amount of electricity I was using as well as whole house surge/brown out protection. I have only lived in my home for 3 months, so while I don’t have past utility bills to compare to, I am 100% confident that Power Miser will pay for itself quickly through energy savings! - Justin Ziemniak, Webster, NY

The Power Miser power saver works just fine for our office - Carmen Santora, CEO of Rochester Better Contractors Bureau

I have no more power surges burning up hair dryers and computers since you installed the Power Miser . I know the Power Miser works because my neighbors are still getting surges that are ruining appliances. - Mike, Macedon, NY

The last few months since the Power Miser was installed I have not had to replace one light bulb in my house. Prior to that I was replacing an average of 4 bulbs per month. Amazing. - Scott, East Rochester

I have noticed the window air conditioners in my bedrooms do not need to be set to the highest setting any longer. This summer I have had to turn them down to medium or it is way too cold in the bedrooms! I have owned these a/c units for 5 years and they have never run so good as now. Also, I have a 25 year old refrigerator that is suddenly quiet! It used to have a growling sound, after the Power Miser was installed, it started running smoother and much quieter!  - John , East Rochester

I have an air compressor that would trip a circuit breaker in my house every time I would turn it on. As soon as the Power Miser was installed, the air compressor runs just fine. Thank you Power Miser - Matt, Woodbridge, VA

My ice maker used to be loud when making ice, now it is hardly noticeable. I did not expect that in addition to saving on my electric bill. - Denny, Fairport

Wow, I never saw my electric bill go down in my house before! - Mark, Webster

“I recently installed a Power Miser unit on our home.  The summer time is when we receive our largest electrical bills due to the pool pump and air conditioning units running.  We saved 33% on our electric bill the first month!  The Power Miser is an awesome product.”


Mike Houseknecht, President of Statewide Machinery, Inc. Rochester, NY

I have had the Miser installed at home for over 60 days now and have realized a significant reduction in my power bill….last month $218.00…never remember a bill that low in 17 plus years living here and this month $165.00!!!!!! and if you have room in your breaker box it took the electrician less time to mount it on the wall then to hook it up….the wiring diagram is in the attachments. I say it’s like putting “Energy Star” on your whole house.

J Nelligan, president JN Associates

In regards to the intelligent Electric Saver,  I am happy to report that we have our first full bill in.  Our savings is at least 25% if not more.  Glad we did this.  It is going to pay for itself this year!

J. R. N. Philadelphia, PA


My electrician and I were using an electrical meter to meter the results of the Intelligent Electric Saver when it was on vs. off.  We observed a 10% savings in my home with the Intelligent Electric Saver on.  In other words, the electrical meter showed a 400 watt reduction at the time we took the readings.  This is equivalent to turning off 4 100 watt light bulbs!  The results are not bad considering my home is rather new and all the electrical equipment is newer also!   Thank you PMC Eco Supply.

Jeff T. -PA

…and the list keeps growing!

If It Is NOT a Power Miser by PMC ECO Supply, it is simply an impostor.